Comprehensive solution for the organization

FX business

The system is adapted for the work of banks in the international currency market and takes into account the specifics of Russian and foreign markets
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The main tasks
of the system

A few words about the functionality of the program

FX liquidity and order execution prices for bank traders


the process of managing internal conversion operations in a bank

Expands the possibilities

to develop your own trading algorithms

Give a chance

client connections through any multibank system (ECN), as well as through the FIX API


for bank clients a fast, modern and convenient platform for concluding transactions with the bank


automatic overlap of client deals

Available functions
Advanced toolkit for creating synthetic liquidity



Market, Limit, Stop, OCO, if Done


Full Amount, VWAP and Mixed

Flexible customization

Spreads and overlap rules for clients


With all major liquidity providers and multi-bank (ENC)


Additional functionality for coordination with the customer

Solutions for your business

Aggregation system

allows you to receive liquidity from several providers at once

Reporting transmission

for transactions in real time to the back office of the bank system

Distribution system

adapts client liquidity settings to the Bank’s business model

Digital signature

will ensure the safety of clients’ trading operations

Connectors and gateways

make it possible to integrate the system with third-party services

Synthetic liquidity

will provide ample opportunities for setting up cross-rates


Connectors and gateways

Used by the Bank’s clients to carry out trade operations with the Bank

Dealer terminal

Used by the Bank’s dealing desk for trading with liquidity providers on behalf of the Bank

Manager’s terminal

Used by system administrators to manage it

Sales terminal

Allows you to organize trade through an intermediary – sales

System features

Import and export of quotes

Quote using formulas specified in Excel. Upload or download quotes using Excel

Synthetic liquidity

Evaluate the wide range of options for setting up cross rates and calculated quotes

Digital signature

Ensures the safety of clients’ trading operations

Overlap algorithms

Reduce market impact when trading high volumes

Reporting transmission

Send information on transactions to the back office of the bank system in real time

Limit trading

Adjust SPOT and Forward limits and limiting criteria. The system is integrated with the banking database


Already using your own or third-party trading system? Complement it with SmartFX components to enhance your potential:
    • give clients liquidity from your system to the Bloomberg terminal
    • cover your position through liquidity received from SmartFX
Our system has passed certification tests
    • Moscow Exchange
    • UBS, JPM, Raiffeisen, Metalloinvest, VTB, Alfabank and others.
    • ECN trading systems: EBS, ALFA ECN, 360t, FXAll and Bloomberg

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